Cornell Cooperative Extension / Adirondack Harvest

3 Sisco St # 1, Westport, NY 12993 (518) 962-4810‎ Directions/Map
Our map will guide you to locally grown, farm-fresh produce
and agricultural products that are available direct from the farmer
at farmers’ markets and farm stands"

"Adirondack Harvest is a community organization formed out of concern for the loss and abandonment of farmland in the Adirondacks. Members realized that to keep local food available and to preserve the scenic vistas that farmland provides, farming needs to be profitable. Founding members also had a strong commitment to sustainable farms and wanted to insure that farm-fresh food is available."

Since its inception in 2001, Adirondack Harvest has grown to encompass Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, and Warren counties in northeastern New York. These counties contain major sections of the Adirondack Park and the Champlain Valley. Our focus has been on expanding markets for local farm products so that consumers have more choice of fresh farm products and on assisting farmers to increase sustainable production to meet the expanding markets.

The Mission Statement of Adirondack Harvest is:
We envision a picturesque and productive working landscape connecting local farmers to their communities and regional markets.
Our goals are to increase opportunities for profitable, sustainable production and sale of high quality food and agricultural products, and to expand consumer choices for locally produced healthy food.

This mission ensures the future preservation and growth of our open farmland while providing a diversity of healthy food products for consumers.

We have applied for 501c3 nonprofit status"

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