Garden Share

860 Maple Ridge Road, Richville NY 13681 Directions/Map

GardenShare is a non-profit organization working to end hunger in northern New York State, a region called the North Country.

GardenShare works to build a North Country where all of us have enough to eat and enough to share—where our food choices are healthy for us, for our communities, and for the environment.

About GardenShare

Toward that end, GardenShare focuses on the following areas:

  • Local Food. GardenShare promotes the benefits of eating locally grown food and of creating a community-based, sustainable food system.
  • Harvest Sharing. Each spring GardenShare recruits North Country gardeners to share their garden harvests with local food pantries.
  • Farm-to-School. GardenShare helped establish a farm-to-school project that enables North Country schools and colleges to serve locally grown food in their cafeterias.
  • Food Security. Each year GardenShare presents its Growing Community Award to recognize local efforts to build community food security in the North Country.
  • Kitchen Gardening. GardenShare empowers people to grow their own food in home gardens and community gardens.
  • Public Policy. GardenShare supports legislation and public policies that address the root causes of hunger.

North Country residents can keep in touch with these activities through a free subscription to the quarterly GardenShare newsletter.


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