Artisan Bread in Five Minutes

BREAD - Simple, Fast and Yummy!
*This comes to us from Gail Brill of the ADK Green Committee in Saranac Lake during a talk she gave for our first Local Earth Week Celebration.

3 Cups Warm
1.5 Table Spoons Yeast
1.5 Table Spoons Salt
6.5 Cups All Purpose Flour

1. Mix ingredients in a bowl and cover (The dough will double in size - you do not want the cover to be touching the dough after it expands)
2. Let it rise for 2 hours
3. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. *Place a pizza stone or cast iron pan in the oven on an upper rack and place an empty boiler pan on the bottom rack at this time.
4. Pull off a grapefruit size piece of bread and refrigerate the rest for later use (it will last for 2 weeks) Sprinkle the dough with flour so it does not stick to you.
5. Form into a loaf or any other shape you desire, put it on parchment paper and let it rise.
6. After the oven has preheated and the dough has risen, put some water in the boiler pan and then add the bread to the stone or iron skillet.
7. Bake for about 25 minutes. Check to see it is golden brown.

**For other types of bread replace one cup of the flour with another kind. (rye, whole wheat, etc.)

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