The Adirondack Venison Company

Dennis O'Hara, 234 Ore Bed Road, Schuyler Falls, NY 12985
Tel. 518-643-0113/Fax. 518-643-0113 Directions/Map
Venison - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, Non Confined, Pasture Raised

'Our farm is located in the northern most Adirondack Mountains of New York State, about twenty miles south of the Canadian Border. We currently own approximately four hundred and fifty acres of crop land, pasture and balsam fir woodland which has been managed with natural, organic farming principles since 1980.

The deer we raise are Fallow Deer, which are native to the European Continent. We chose Fallow Deer because they are universally accepted as the premium venison animal by chefs throughout the world. European chefs consider Fallow Deer venison to be a premiere product due to its unique flavor & tenderness.

Why do we farm organically? Very simply, because we live on the land we farm. Our four children catch fish and swim in our stream and pond and frequently play in the fields. Our drinking water comes from a well located directly in the center of our farm and we pick and eat wild berries and home grown vegetables routinely. Last but not least, we eat our own venison in every shape and form. When we first started farming almost twenty years ago, we came to the conclusion that we did not want to utilize all of the chemicals of conventional agriculture which are known to be hazardous, even if they would increase production and lessen the workload.

Our venison is processed and packaged under USDA inspection just like the meat you buy in your grocery store or specialty meat shop. One of the techniques which helps make our venison uniquely flavorful and unusually tender is dry aging. However, there is no better way to add flavor and tenderness to our meat, so we feel it is well worth the expense. Dry aging means our venison is hung in very specific temperature and humidity for 21-30 days before being cut into the various cuts. After aging, our venison is hand cut to our specifications and vacuum-packed. All of our Venison is then frozen and ready for shipping."

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