Valley View Farm

170 Chazy Lake Road, Saranac, NY 12981 518-293-7337
Warren and Sylvia Newman
Offer a variety of all-natural products: lamb, cut flowers, honey, jams, jellies and stuffed balsam products. They currently have about 25 lambs, who are rotated over pasture, and fed a diet of grass, local grain, and their own farm's hay. The lambs never receive hormones or anitibiotics, and the farm doesn't use commercial fertilizers. You must buy the whole lamb, and the Newmans will deliver it to the butcher, with whom you can arrange to have it cut as you like. Call ahead to order. The lamb is 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, Non Confined, Pasture Raised

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